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Our Promise and Safety

Making sure your family is safe while having a great time is our #1 priority.  Our
employees receive safety training through Safe Inflatables Operations Training
Organization.  SIOTO holds the industries most
advanced training courses for inflatable play.  You deserve the right to
find qualified and dedicated operators who are safety conscious with a strong
commitment to bring you a safe, enjoyable experience.  SIOTO is dedicated to industry
standard training and we as inflatable operators display these seals, having proven our commitment by accepting these standards as our way of safe operations in the inflatable party industry.

SIOTO is very unique and differs from many other organizations in that they do not simply ask their members to operate safely, they actually train them in safe operating procedures through a series of safety courses. Don’t settle for less, settle for the best that inflatable play can offer. Choose a SIOTO certified operator and you’ll be choosing a professional.

We also have video monitoring and a numbering system to ensure that your child leaves with the guardian that they entered with.